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Our Products

Our products offer an uncomplicated concessionary travel solution for individuals. They are flexible, multi-modal and provide independence.

Quick and reliable reimbursement

Operators of public transport services participating in concessionary travel schemes need to know that they will be paid quickly, accurately and without argument. This is particularly true of the small independent bus or taxi operators who alone often provide specialist services into remote areas or to meet the needs of vulnerable people. Concessionary Solutions’ reimbursement system delivers accurate payments to all participating operators, quickly and efficiently every week.

Offering choice

Choice – that is what concessionary travellers want. The choice to catch the bus into town, do the shopping and get a taxi home. The choice to take a taxi to the station, take a train and then catch the bus home. The choice to travel at any time, day or night, without any hassle. Concessionary Solutions deliver choice at point of travel allowing individuals to choose the most appropriate form of transport for their needs at a given time.

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