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New Customers


Following the Governments recently announced austerity measures, the benefits of our solutions have never been more relevant in today’s environment. That is why we continue to develop new markets, accommodate the requirements of our end-users and provide the right solutions to our customers.

We are constantly being told by our customers that by ensuring the capital set aside for transport provision is solely used for transport purposes, there is both a level of confidence in the delivery of that provision as well as the associated savings.

So it comes as no surprise to us that we are constantly being told of the benefits being enjoyed through Concessionary Transport Solutions by our customers involved with schools, colleges, hospitals, Councils, charities and Probation services, amongst others.

There is no better way to ensure that any expenditure used for transport provision is used solely for that purpose and that there can be no misappropriation of cash hand-outs. That is why we continually welcome new customers and we extend that welcome to you when you contact us.


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