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Control of Budgeted Travel Costs

This bus pass based scheme" with The ENCFS bus pass based scheme.

This bus pass based scheme is difficult for transport providers to budget for, since the use of this facility has tended to result in additional use over and above that might have been originally expected. With fixed values of tokens or value on smartcards, budget limits can be set and adhered to as no overspend/ over claim is possible.

With Transport Tokens sacheted denominations at a pre-determined level are distributed to the end user who can determine when and how the tokens are used. The maximum spend is the value of the distributed tokens.

Alternatively, a Concessionary Providers Scheme smartcard is issued to an end user with a fixed value. This can then be used in accordance with the scheme rules that are applicable. Again the maximum spend is the value on the card.

Both these solutions are however flexible in that an end user for either can receive a controlled top up by way of additional tokens or a card top-up should this be necessary.

Budgeted travel costs

Concessionary Transport Solutions can provide our customers with an overall control of budgeted travel costs

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