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The Concessionary Providers Scheme (COPS) uses a smartcard to allow a user to travel within the boundaries of a local travel provider’s territory. Operators, often taxis, are issued by the provider with a unit and an operator card. This allows the end user to pay for some or all of the fare with stored value on their card. The operators redeem this value directly with Concessionary Transport Solutions for prompt payment.

COPS is a smartcard based system which offers the end user:

  • Point-to-point travel
  • Independence
  • Multi-modal journeys
  • Flexibility
  • Independent travel

For the provider, the primary benefits of the Concessionary Providers Scheme are:

  • Alternative to the English National Bus Pass Scheme
  • Alternative to distributing cash which may be misdirected
  • Allows effective budgeting for transport
  • Auditable
  • Admin-free

The technology could potentially be applied to multi modal forms of transport that would provide improved management information and transparent costs. The transport provider is also assured quick and reliable reimbursement through Concessionary Solutions Limited.

Our Concessionary Providers Scheme can, as examples, be used to help provide:

  • A local authority’s Gershon savings
  • Non-emergency hospital transport
  • Transport provision for vulnerable groups
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