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Alternative to English National Concessionary Fares Scheme (ENCFS)


The ENCFS can be a beneficial thing for those that have access to a comprehensive bus system. If an area has frequent buses and services at all hours, then you are in the best half of the country’s user base. Unfortunately, not everyone is in this position. Concessionary Transport Solutions can assist travel providers with an alternative.

The DfT state that they expect no more than 85% of those eligible will take up this scheme from a base of 11 million over 60’s and eligible disabled people. This leaves 1.65 million potential users disenfranchised from a general bus network.

Local authorities need to facilitate the following features:

  • Government expecting them to make up financial shortfalls from the scheme.
  • Open ended use of buses pushing up costs
  • Users who have no ability to use the bus or who live outside of the general bus network are now demanding some form of alternative.

National Transport Tokens or the Concessionary Solutions Providers Scheme are effective alternatives. In the case of National Transport Tokens, these are particularly useful where the client has social issues i.e NHS, Probations Service, Alcohol and Drugs Services etc. In the case of Concessionary Providers Scheme we offer a cost effective smartcard solution within localised areas which are both flexible and independent.

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